About Burt Villarreal

Dear fellow Sales Warrior,
In the last 30 years I have developed and successfully applied my best strategic selling practices through hard knocks and tough customers. From the onset, those practices fueled my success in achieving many top accolades over my peers in sales growth and profitability. Make no mistake, while somewhat mild mannered, I am extremely competitive, wake up to prospect, know how and when to apply closing strategies and enjoy catching the competition asleep at the wheel. Through strategic, balanced and daily disciplined planning, I have compounded my sales revenue growth by over seventeen percent year over year in the last eighteen years. So Warrior, I hope you will agree, I possess proven skill sets required to grow a business or territory assignment. Consequently, I trust this biography will fully demonstrate to you that utilizing my skill sets is to your direct advantage, both now and in the future.

Have a profitable day,
Burt Villarreal

Burt is the Real Deal. As a successful businessman, he has served three times as member of the elite Sales Advisory Council, a leadership role in which members are elected by their company peers. Additionally, he has earned a position in the prestigious President’s Club multiple times. In his early years of consulting, Burt was awarded Rookie of the Year and Sales Consultant of the Year. Later, his continued cardinal performances earned him District Manager of the Year, and Gold Profit Performer of the Year. Throughout his career, Burt has received a total of four coveted company Achievement Rings from various sales-driven organizations. He has also reached great heights outside of the sales world, including becoming a successful Real Estate Investor. Burt has recently continued to expand his horizon of success and share it with many others by creating the AskBurt Mobile App and website, askburt.biz. He has also published two books, entitled The Art of Professional Prospecting and The 52 Strategic Words, which have become well-known, essential guides to expanding one’s own professional sales career.

Burt is currently part of the very competitive financial industry, and is based in San Antonio, Texas. He often travels to share his personal sales acumen in workshops with his own published handbook, the Art of Professional Prospecting. He is happily married to his wife of 26 years, Dr. Alicia Villarreal, and together they have two children, Alejandra and Bram, as well as four grandchildren.