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Burt’s Ten By Ten Net New Prospecting. It’s quite simple. Most Sales Warriors are off Balance when it comes to Net New Prospecting vs. Follow Up Prospecting. Both are critical. However, with the right balance and basic skill sets, you will surpass the greatest of closers who routinely possess hollow pipelines. Yes, in many cases it is a numbers game. However, you can learn to rebalance and double or triple your income with Burt’s Ten By Ten Net New Prospecting Strategy.

Sample Questions

What is the difference between a Prospect and a Suspect?

​Question 6

How do I overcome the FEAR, Procrastination, Resistance of Net New Prospecting?

​Question 8

I have little time to prospect because there are too many meetings, etc, etc. What can I do?

​Question 49

Am I being Out Sold or Out Prospected?

​Question 62

Why am I not getting Better results from Cold Calling?

​Question 82

How Do I Get to and Stay at Six Figures

This one is very personal. I routinely have this discussion with my son Bram. In short, what it took to get to upper middle class or wealth status is now very different than what it will take in the future. Take in fundamental formulas for high and consistent success that will enable you to enjoy the finer things of life, have sufficient income to help those who cannot help themselves and grow to a comfortable and secure retirement. Not thinking about retirement yet? Well, you had better start. Regardless of whether it is ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years in your future.

Sample Questions

Why is ongoing education in professional sales important?

​Question 16

Why do I need to focus on income more than ever?

​Question 18

What is the difference between a great closer at 70% and an average closer at 120%?

​Question 27


There’s a common word. However, many of the most successful Sales Warriors I have had the pleasure to work with are superior in quickly and boldly getting to the point as to who is who in the organization and making certain to focus on their pain points and desires. If you have ever lost an opportunity that was Closed with someone other than your contact, you neglected to qualify properly. It has been said that eight to twelve hours are generally spent with a prospect…win or lose. Enhance your odds and purposefully qualify to your advantage.

Sample Questions

How can I know when to start closing?

Question 2

How do I start (control) my meetings with my suspects/prospects?

​Question 66

How do I identify a Price Buyer vs. a Hurry Up Buyer vs. a Value Buyer?

​Question 87

Value over Price

The truth is only about one quarter of your pipeline is truly driven by price. If you are new to sales ask any veteran in your office how many of their closed sales actually were won on price vs value and relationships. However, it is truly a science and a study to develop the skill sets needed to not sell from a subservient position.

Sample Questions

What do I say when a prospect says my price is too high?

​Question 26

Is it really all about price?

​Question 42

At what point do I offer a justified Discount?

​Question 65

Price or Value . . . which takes longer to Sell?

​Question 101

Overcoming Objections

Get out of your comfort zone and do the “Uncomfortable” . . . Develop skill sets to ask closing questions at every possible encounter. It’s not always about Price. Your suspect or prospect is charged with making safe decisions on behalf of their Firm. Engage yourself in the fundamental ingredients to over come or avoid objections. If they and you are not vocal about questions, you are likely to lose and only be notified after the decision has already been made.

Sample Questions

How do I overcome objections?

​Question 15

What do I say/do when a prospect shows or vocalizes dislike for my brand?

​Question 24

My prospect is saying no, how do I change that to a yes?

​Question 78

Catching the Competition Asleep at the Wheel

My favorite . . . develop skill sets to plant seeds of doubt within your suspect or prospect from moving forward with their existing vendor or a new competitor. Learn to identify weaknesses of your competition that will strengthen and favor a decision to move forward with you and your solutions and increased value.

Sample Questions

How can I improve my listening skills?

​Question 20

How do I catch the competition asleep at the wheel?

​Question 28

What can I Leverage during my sales process in order to make me more Profitable?

​Question 119


Statistics show that the high majority of lost opportunities stem from Sales Warriors Never asking for the order. Develop skill sets that navigate you to natural and comfortable closing questions with urgency, validation and without high pressure. Learn to complete closure and solidify your transaction. It is said that thirty percent of Verbal awards do not close When originally planned.

Sample Questions

How can I maintain my price?

​Question 1

How can I gain the confidence needed to fire a prospect?

​Question 22

Am I closing too late?

​Question 39

Firing a Prospect

The courage to Fire a Prospect most likely comes with the confidence of knowing you have a solid Pipeline to work within the next thirty and sixty days. This only comes with the proper balance in Net New Prospecting. Take me up on my Ten By Ten Prospecting Strategy. You will not regret it. And get ready for the high and consistent income I spoke of in my video.

Sample Questions

Why is the 20/30 rule critical to my success?

​Question 7

My prospect has been very clear. Price, Price, Price vs. True Cost?

​Question 43

How do I control the sales process vs. having the sales process control me?

​Question 67

Time Management

Learn about the Prize of the New Found Five. Most of us are encapsulated in a Monday through Friday window of opportunity with our pipeline. Make the most of it when you further learn how and what to schedule and when. I speak much to this topic in both www.askburt.biz and The Art of Professional Prospecting.

Sample Questions

How can I know when to start closing?

​Question 2

How do I stay in front of my territory when I am not physically there?

​Question 31

How do I fall in love with my Career again?

​Question 60

Why should I invest in a personal telemarketer?

​Question 80

What do I Need to Know About the Competition

Chances are you know more about some of your competitors than your suspect or prospect does. And remember, they will likely paint a perfect picture of your competition. Learn to weaken your competitors strategy without slinging mud. Learn to gather information during prospecting and the sales process that will help you to dig deep on knowing what the competition is up to and more importantly, using it to your favor at the most opportune times.

Sample Questions

How can my competitor sell for so much less?

​Question 41

I lost an existing customer. But Why?

​Question 47

Why should I not attempt to sell to a current unhappy customer?

​Question 84

Relationship Building

You’ve heard it before. People do business with people they are comfortable with and have commonalities with. It’s true. Learn to establish both business and genuine personal commonalities with your suspects and prospects. And make no mistake, you will have much more fun in the process. Professional Sales is sometimes like being in school. When you earn good grades, it’s like good sales production results and a lot more fun.

Sample Questions

How do I keep my prospect engaged?

​Question 5

How do I build commonality with my prospects?

​Question 10

I am new to the business. How do I build credibility?

​Question 32

Sales Managers

Get a high level perspective from someone who has been there before. Identify key indicators that sometimes go unnoticed until it is too late. Review topics on recruiting, integrity, behavior, production, motivation and keeping out of some legal issues that can be very costly to your bottom line.

Sample Questions

I can Manage others but can I Lead and Develop others?

​Question 97

How do we Build Consistent Monthly Team Production through out the year and avoid the month in-month out Roller Coaster Ride?

​Question 151

How do I guide one of my GREATEST Warriors who just lost a Major Account and is now at 80% of Quota?

​Question 152

Existing Account Management

There is nothing more devastating than losing an existing customer to competition. Prepare yourself to be visible and of such high value that your customer will be your best advocate and not waste time meeting with your competition.

Sample Questions

How can I start with the right level executive and keep their attention?

​Question 4

How do I keep the competition out of my accounts?

​Question 9

My existing client has lost faith in our company to deliver good value and service. Now what?

​Question 34

Shortening the Selling Cycle

Controlling the path to Shortening Your Selling Cycle should not be coincidental. Trust, Desire and Genuine Urgency on behalf of your Suspect/Prospect are just a few of the needed components you will need to Close Profitably. Deploy Action now and Utilize Your BURTISMS on Purpose.